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01/07/2018Raynard Martin In The Beginning God Brought Order to Chaos - short
Sunday Morning
Download 010718_God_Brought_Order_to_Chaos_CD2.mp3
01/14/2018Raynard Martin Jesus Revealed as the Son of God - Short
Sunday Morning John 1: 43-51
Download 011418AM_Jesus_Revealed-Son_of_God_Short.mp3
01/21/2018Raynard Martin The Kingdom of God Has Come Near And Is Now - Short
Sunday Morning Mark 1:14-20
Download 012118AM_The_Kingdom_Of_GOD_Has_Come_Short.mp3
01/28/2018Raynard Martin From Liberty to Love - Short
Sunday Morning 1 Corinthians 8:1-13
Download 012818AM_From_Liberty_to_Love_-_Short.mp3
02/04/2018Raynard Martin Morning Service - Short
Sunday Morning
Download 020418AM_Sermon_Short.mp3
02/11/2018Raynard Martin Morning Service - 02/11/18 - Short
Sunday Morning
Download 021118_am_Service-Short.mp3

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