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06/25/2017Dale Henneman Rev Dale Henneman - Short
s 1 Peter 1:3-9
Download 062517AM_Dale_Henneman_-_Short.mp3
07/23/2017Raynard Martin Good News! Don't Pull The Weeds - Short
Sunday Morning Matthew 13:24-30;36-43
Download 072317AM_GoodNews-Don_tPullTheWeeds_-_Short.mp3
07/30/2017Raynard Martin The Glory and Groanings of Romans 8 - Short
Sunday Morning Romans 8:12-30
Download 073017AM_Glory-Groanings_ofRomans_8_-_Short.mp3
08/06/2017Raynard Martin Sovereignty of God vs. Freewill of Humanity - Short
Sunday Morning
Download 080617AM_Sovereignty_of_God_vs_Freewill_of_Humanity_Short.mp3
08/13/2017Raynard Martin Contract or Covenant Salvation - Short
Sunday Morning
Download 081317AM_Contract_or_Covenant_Salvation_-_Short.mp3
08/20/2017Waitman Hager Conversion - Short
Sunday Morning
Download 082017AM_Conversion-WaitmanHager_CD3.mp3

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